Air Freight

  • ImageWhere time is of essence for certain shipments, airfreight is the natural choice. NRK Freight Forwarders Logistics understands why valuable time must not be lost. Processing and overseeing each detail of every stage, so your merchandise arrives safely and as quickly as possible. That includes processing all the administration work, handling and documentation before and after the flight in accordance with the IATA / ICAO regulations. We know that customer success and satisfaction stems not only from our solutions, but also within us.

    The benefits to you:

    1. We provide a 24 hour, 366 days a year service, ensuring a total commitment to our customers.
    2. Our expert knowledge combined with our comprehensive freight aircraft database means you get the optimum solution to all your freight requirements.
    3. Our staff has extensive operational experience and is able to provide effective support and advice at every stage of the operation.

    Our network of international air transportation allows as handling with a range of international logistics issues easily. This ensures that the consignment moves without delay from end to end. Also the government regulations across which the batch is forwarded is also assiduously complied with and we take care of the shipping documentation like Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Shipper Export Declaration filing etc. We assist our air forwarders in the post shipment documentation, documents transfer, order follow-up, temporary warehousing, marking, numbering insurance brokerage etc.

  • Our Services

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      Sea Freight
      We offer flexible, cost effective, customer oriented Ocean Transport solutions.
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    • 02
      Air Freight
      Our flexibility and personalized services makes our Air transport customer friendly.
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      Customs Broking
      As pioneers in this field, we are an expert in clearing customs for cargo outbound and inbound shipment.
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